About us

Dalhom Motors was established in 1979 and provides nationwide services through six main branches.

The company specializes in direct and parallel import of buses, light duty vehicles, commercial vehicles, and private vehicles.

Dalhom Motors offers its customers a “One Stop Shop” service for vehicles, including unique insurance bundles, and maintains a fully equipped logistics center with a vast supply of spare parts for a wide variety of models. In addition, the company supplies spare parts per request to every part of the country using mobile service units: hence providing services in various fields quickly and accurately.

The company employs over 300 employees with different skills that provide personal and caring services, including home-service teams, providing services 24/7, alongside professionals and qualified mechanics working at the service centers spread throughout the country. The team’s goal is to provide personalized services for each customer at the service centers or the customer’s location.

Dalhom Motors is an authorized supplier of the Ministry of Defense for protective measures for military vehicles. In addition, it offers its services to governmental and public entities as well as to private companies.

Among our clients are public and private organizations like: Coca Cola Central Bottling Company, Ministry of Defense of Israel, IEC, SosnaMoving and Israel’s most prominent public transport companies Metropolin, Electra Afikim, Egged, Dan, Pandan, Tnufa, Extra Public Transportation, Superbus, and others.

The company has an excellent reputation and a vast network in this field, which it has developed over the years to improve customer service.

The company specializes in Operational Financial Car Leasing  for commercial vehicles for new or a second-hand commercial vehicle, tailored to you personally.

Alongside these, the company maintains a dynamic approach and adapts customized solutions to each customer in accordance with transportation market changes.

Service Guarantee

Bringing your car in for service interrupts your daily routine and may also unexpectedly impact your budget. We do what we can to ensure our customers get the best value from their essential auto repairs. We want to keep your car safe and reliable for the long-term, so we gladly offer fair and competitive prices to ensure you can say yes to getting the job done right. It is extremely important to us to provide all our customers with courteous, professional, and efficient service at the highest level. To this end, each company’s employees and managers signed a service guarantee.

*All our vehicles have full manufacturer’s warranty, as detailed in the warranty terms and conditions.

Nationwide Service Centers

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